Brubeck's Are More Than Just Jazz Greats

Chris & Dave BrubeckDave Brubeck is a jazz legend. His sons Chris and Dan (pictured) have followed in his footsteps with the Brubeck Brother Quartet. They have achieved a fair amount of notoriety in the music world heard on Jazz radio all across the US.

Chris also writes classical music. He's written for the Boston Pops. His "Vignettes for Nonet", a collaboration with the Imani Winds, is featured on "Classified." He's currently finishing up the orchestration on "Ansel Adams: America" a piece he collaborated on with his father, Dave Brubeck. They composed the symphonic work which will be played while the audience views the breathtaking images of the iconic photographer, Ansel Adams. The premiere is in April in California and then 6 other commissioning orchestras will be playing the work in this premiere season.

For a listen to what the brothers sound like live.


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