Yale said no...

If you've been following this blog for some time then you probably know I had applied to both Juilliard & Yale for my Master's Degree in Composition. Well, both have now come back with a thanks for applying, but I/we "regret to inform you that your application ... has not been approved."

My wife the writer tells me 'It is not just about having the right book - it is about having the right book, at the right time, pitched to the right publisher, who is in the right mood, with the right capital, and the right market. The fact that you have been rejected does not mean that you don't have the right book, it just means that it is not right now.'

In publishing you can just immediately submit to another publisher, and another, and another. (Rumor has it, it took J.K. Rowling 13 tries to find a publisher willing to take on Harry Potter.)

For University it is not quite the same, as the applications are only accepted once per year. I however, will continue to compose, and to write this BLOG exploring my passion for music. Perhaps I will apply again next year, and perhaps not - no matter what, the beat goes on.


Caitlin C said…
Uh oh! Does that mean Yale's started sending out its decision letters?! I'll have to start obsessively checking the mailbox. I'm applying for musicology PhDs, and I sympathize with your plight.
Chip Michael said…
I received an email that told me to look at the online application. There was an attached letter saying "we regret"...

Good luck to you

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