My Piano Friends

Every now and then I come across a website, blog or other such internet site that really strikes a chord ( - yes, we are taking music websites...). Well, My Piano Friends is one such website. It is fun, interesting, entertaining, informative and generally all-around a good read.

Amanda (the blog author) isn't as active a blog poster as I am (she has only five posts so far this year) but what she has is well worth the trip - and I'm not just saying this because her last article is a circular post back to my blog! If you get the chance, watch the video of Gabriela Montero; it's amazing.

Some of Amanda's posts are also from the heart. "Do You Market Yourself Like Rapunzel?" where she wonders if, in trying not to prostitute herself, she ends up waiting for the prince to come recognize her artistic ability.

I'm no knight in shinning armor and even if I was, I doubt my recognizing her artistic ability or her charming blog would really do anything for her career. But, for what it's worth, if a few of you reading my blog end up reading her blog then, when you do, ask Rapunzel to let down her hair (write a comment). It's a wonderful world, so let Amanda know you've stumbled across her wee tower too.


Amanda said…
Thank you chip! I am blushing :-D

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