"Brokeback Mountain" becomes an opera

The premiere is scheduled for June 2013 in Madrid's Teatro Real.

There is an interview between Juan Antonio Muñoz H. of El Mercurio and composer Charles Wuorinen about a new project he is working on, "Brokeback Mountain" - the opera. Annie Proulx, who wrote the original story, wrote the libretto, so the opera will not necessarily compare to the film. Some of the changes are women playing a slightly larger role, there will be no physical expression of sex on stage, but rather the emotions will be sung, and, as there are no close-ups, there are more internal dialogs.

The above link is only a translation of the original article/interview, but it illuminates some interesting aspects about writing an opera, working with the subject matter of homosexuality and how Charles Wourinen is approaching this work.


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