Music Industry Marketplace is claiming to be the first music industry marketplace, connecting over 1,000 Music Industry Professionals (Agents, Managers, Media / Press, Promoters, Producers, Publishers, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Studios / Engineers & Venues) and Music Talent (Bands, DJs, Ensembles, Lyricists, Orchestras, Musicians, Singers, Songwriters) from around the globe, and provides tools that expedite new talent recruitment, brand / music promotion, communication, and new business deals (concert bookings, representation offers, etc.).
“WorldMusicLink is an essential online tool for getting my music out there.” - Gabriel Gandzjuk, aspiring Singer/Songwriter

By way of the WML System, it is our goal to bridge the fragmented pieces of the music industry, by creating a universal Hub that advances careers and businesses to new heights. Music Talent and Industry Professionals can create Basic Profiles for Free by visiting We also offer subscription-based PRO Accounts that provide users with a greater array of features, media/content storage (music, pictures, videos, documents, news, calendar, etc.) and global connections / access.

“WorldMusicLink is a great place for emerging talent and people like me to connect.” - Warren Riker, Producer, Mixer, Engineer & 3-time Grammy Award winner (The Fugees, Santana, Lauryn Hill)

As with most "networking" sites, this has a basic level and a "professional" level. You can join free at the basic level, but there is a fee for the additional features of the professional level. With the basic registration, you get your name and a few details. If you're a band or somehow working in the Pop industry, the categories fit quite nicely. It's not so elegant for those of us in the classical music world (there is no category for composer, only songwriter).

For the most part, it is a bit like LinkedIn, although it is specifically for the music industry and divided into Music Professionals (Agents, and the like) verses Music Performers (bands, singers...). It does allow you to upload some of your music to include with your profile. Although, again there is a difference between the basic level and professional level (basic gets ONE track, professional gets 12). Professionals can also add videos of their performances.

There is a section to add documents, so press releases, sample scores or the like, with a separate news section to include posts and reviews. has a calendar tool to add upcoming events. The main page shows "featured" artists and industry professionals. Again, another way to get you to pay money.

I did sign up for the basic service and then did a search for other "talent" in the Denver area. There were only three listed. Another search yeilded three more industry professionals in the state of New York - not a very good sampling. Granted it's just getting started, but it seems to me this is just another way to get musicians to pay money for publicity. While you can join for free (and free publicity is never a bad thing), I am not sold on how effective the "professional" level is at this point.


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