Gabriel Kahane to Perform at Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival on July 19 and 20, named Composer-in-Residence

Much has been made over Gabriel Kahane's ability to transcend rigid genre classifications. His compositions--which range from probing classical song cycles to joyous theater pieces to raucous indie hits--are far more concerned with exploring his musical potential than fitting in with a particular market niche. This summer, Kahane will be featured as the Composer-in-Residence at the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival, a six week long concert series known for its diverse programing and wide range of musical offerings. The two are a perfect fit.

As the Composer-in-Residence, Kahane will perform two nights of music and premiere a new commission, a short cycle of songs called Come on All You Ghosts. On July 19, he will present one of the Festival's four "Soirées", at which audience members can enjoy food and drink while Kahane entertains from the piano. The program, entitled "An Evening with Gabriel Kahane: Music for the Ear, Intellect and Soul", will highlight in an intimate setting Kahane's lieder/songs shaped by wry stories and direct personal emotions. The following night, July 20, he offers "The Artistry of Gabriel Kahane", supported by an ensemble that comprises the Calder Quartet and seven New York-based instrumentalists, complete with the world premiere of Come on All You Ghosts. The piece is based on poems by San Francisco poet Matthew Zapruder.


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