If Only People Would Listen to My Music in Comparison to John Adams

John Adams newest CD Son of Chamber Symphony/String Quartet is out and getting rave reviews

The above link gives small samples of John Adams new CD. I agree with the critics (for what little I heard of it online): This is "exhilarating" new music. But I may be a bit biased as I find the music very similar to my own orchestral compositions, particularly with the sense of melody creeping into John's music of late.

Yes, I consider John Adams to be influential in my own music, so you might say my music sounds like his... except that I hadn't heard this latest album before writing a fair number of my most recent pieces.

There are differences between our styles. I think John Adams tends to venture more toward his minimalist past than I do, but the intensity of rhythm and interesting off rhythmic melodies are very much the same.

Congrats John on a wonderful new work!!!

Now, if I can just get conductors and orchestras to look/listen to my music with the same enthusiasm.


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