Getting Reviewed is Nice, particularly when they say such nice things!

I'm not familiar with the etiquette for reviewing blogs, but it does occasionally happen. wrote of review of Interchanging Idioms back in September 2010. I'm pleased to report they have some very nice things to say about both our writing style and the topics we cover.

"...the bloggers create an informal, yet incredibly insightful and informative atmosphere."

"In a twist of informality, the bloggers used an abbreviation that even I had never seen before. IMHO, after looking it up on Google, stands for “In My Honest Opinion.” Even though it took me a minute to understand what these four letters stand for, I liked the fact that the bloggers decided to use this abbreviation of a common phrase. I felt as though they were trying to have a “modern” tone. Connecting with your audience, especially when the topic revolves around an art form that is hundreds of years old, is important."

"I found the choices they made in tone to be compelling. There were a couple of instances in which they could have gone on into a rant, or used a touch of sarcasm, yet they avoid both entirely to keep the integrity of their post."

I found that this blogger’s voice is a bit more serious than some other bloggers on the internet. The topic of classical music and the performing arts is incredibly important to them...

Geee - thanks!


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