Danças do Coração (Dance of the Heart) -a new orchestral dance by Chip Michael

Using contemporary composition techniques, the music creates a sense of anticipation found in passionate Latin style dance music.

This first completed work of the set, entitled Dança apaixonado (Passionate Dance), is one part of a set of orchestral dances entitled Danças do Coração (Dances of the Heart).

Each piece is an exploration of dance music and the way some indigenous forms create subtle shifts in the meter with hesitations or anticipations.For these pieces, these "shifts" are written in for the orchestra.

Dança Apaixonado begins in 15/16 with an anticipation of the beat.That anticipation becomes even more slight as the music moves into 31/16, although it feels like the orchestra is playing in 4/4.The point of the music is to create the illusion of dance and yet capture the essence of what dance musicians have known for centuries: good music doesn't fit into a square box.

The music is also heavy in terms of percussion use. While it only requires a timpanist and three other percussionists, the range of instruments they play cover every thing from the Vibraphone and Marimba, to Bongos, Conga, Snare Drum, Triangle, Guiro, Clave, Maracas and more. With the unusual time signature, there is a need to keep a constant plus in the music. Even though the music gives the impression of a hesitation, the highly articulate way it's done means the entire orchestra needs to be precise with each sixteenth note!

Dança apaixonado by Chip Michael

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