Deborah Voigt’s Portrayal of Brünnhilde in Met’s New Production of Wagner’s Siegfried Transmitted to Movie Theaters Nov 5th

The Metropolitan Opera continues its popular Live in HD series tomorrow, Saturday, November 5 at 12 PM ET, with the transmission to movie theaters worldwide of the new Robert LePage production of Wagner’s Siegfried. This, the third opera in the Met’s presentation of Wagner’s complete Ring tetralogy, features Deborah Voigt in her role debut as Brünnhilde in Siegfried.

Calling Voigt’s voice “exciting and expressive,” the New York Times made this observation in its review of Siegfried on opening night:

“In the last scene Siegfried finally learns fear, not from a monstrous dragon but from a woman: Brünnhilde, whom he wakes from the sleeping spell her father, Wotan, placed her under in “Die Walküre.” This scene is a shifting and rapturous 30-minute love duet, and as Brünnhilde, the soprano Deborah Voigt sang with bright, penetrating sound and textured shadings…And Ms. Voigt poignantly captured Brünnhilde’s confusion as she grapples with the loss of her godhood and realizes that no armor will protect her from the threat of Siegfried’s love, which she helplessly returns.”

Deborah Voigt began the journey of her first complete cycle of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen with her role debut as Brünnhilde in Die Walküre. She portrays the same character in Götterdämmerung (Jan 27 – Feb 11), the climactic conclusion to Wagner’s epic cycle. The four Ring operas return to the Met in April for three complete cycles (April 7 – May 12), with Voigt’s Brünnhilde taking center stage in a cast of today’s most acclaimed Wagnerians, including Bryn Terfel as Wotan.


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