Evan Shinners to release new CD @bach

Unconcerned with preconceptions of how Bach should be played, or with conventions of what a finished recording should sound like, the wildly talented pianist and 2010 Juilliard graduate Evan Shinners releases @bach (new cull records), a compilation of two live, unedited performances recorded at Juilliard and Rockefeller University. Bursting with raw musicality, spontaneous and calculated virtuosity, and an ebullient energy, Shinners connects with today’s audiences in a way that has seldom been seen for a classical artist.

“I use the music of Bach to create a modern experience, a spectacle which resembles a classical music concert, but is, instead, about living in the current year,” says Shinners, “I improvise, change notes, rescore, re-harmonize -- not out of disrespect for the composer, but to bring an air of unexpectedness and spontaneity that I feel the traditional classical music concert has lost.” - Evan Shinners

The release of @bach follows several all-Bach recitals by Shinners around New York, Colorado, California, Taiwan, Paris and Berlin since Spring 2010. Devoid of the sense of formality of most classical artists, Shinners has been heard playing Bach on an upright piano in a Brooklyn bar, prompting Time Out New York to call him “a bona fide Bach star.” In January, Shinners was seen and heard by over 10,000 Museum of Modern Art attendees during his residency in the Performance Exhibition Series at MoMA: Stop, Repair, Prepare: Variations on Ode to Joy for a Prepared Piano. Evan was interviewed by CBS “Eye on New York” and a review on the cover of The New York Times Arts section declared, "Evan Shinners attacked the score with a bravura that might have pleased Liszt."


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