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Popularity Contests - are Classical Musicians not interested?

Shorty Awards are given for excellence in Social Media. However, Classical Music seems to be glaringly absent in the #music category Shorty Awards are for "Honoring the Best in Social Media" - at least according to their website. If you look at the list of people 'nominated' for awards in the music category, you'll see all your favorite pop and 'talent TV' stars prominently listed. What you won't see are classical music artists. You can 'search' for artists by putting their Twitter name after the opening URL: but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone with any votes. There are a couple: TwtrSymphony ranks 55th and Versailees_P_Q ranks 62nd. Where are the rest of them??? As of writing this post Demetria Lovato has 1,700 votes, Miley Ray Cyrus has 1,697 and Justin Bieber has 719 (shock, he hasn't even broke the 1,000 mark yet). Jonas Brothers has 633 votes in #music but 2281 in #band. Justin Bieber h