Getting Heard: Trying to Manage all the Online Resources

There was a flurry of resources and options tossed out at me after my post on Getting Heard: Making Noise in a Digital World". I already had this blog and my website, but it seems to really get heard by the general public I need to do more.

My Myspace account wasn't a musician's account so I couldn't effectively post music. In the end I deleted the old account, waited 4 days and made a new one. Because of the cross pollination with Facebook, I had a bunch of friends from the get go. However, there's been almost no traffic to it since I put it up 3 days ago.

My twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts were already really active. But managing them is a chore, even with all the linking apps they have. So, I added TweetDeck to my desktop to keep on track of whose saying what where, and make relevant posts, re-tweets and comments as necessary.

Add to this I'm also up on Google+ which isn't very active yet... but, knowing Google it will be.

I've had accounts with 4shared and, but until today I wasn't up on SoundCloud. The first two accounts were so I could share music files with interested parties. But, once my website was up it became much easier to just post the mp3 files and player up there, plus I could add a page with a description, program notes, images and even link to paypal if someone wanted to buy the printed music. We'll see how well SoundCloud does in terms of music exposure.

Reverbnation is a site I've yet to tackle, but next on my list. If anyone has any other sites they use (and find effective), I'd love to hear about them.


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