Getting Lost in the Social Media Maze

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Well, klout is going to add foursquare to their algorithms. Not sure why Google+ isn't on their list, but I figured, since I'm trying to keep abreast of what's going on in the social media world, ahead of the game in terms of what it means to be truly effective with social media and I don't have enough to do right now (ok, that last one isn't true)... I thought I'd open a Foursquare account.

Hmmmm, 30 mins later, added 3 restaurants, 2 performance venues and not sure I get the concept. I'll venture back again later today, but not sure the relevance in terms of social media. Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn I get. Google+ is too new (and still beta) so not sure it's viable, yet.

If I were the folks at Klout I'd look at finding a way to add blogs and websites to people's personal klout scores. They seems to me to be much more viable in terms of social/internet reach.


Chip Michael said…
Just a note, my Klout score has gone up considerably in the last month, hitting 50 yesterday. Perhaps I shouldn't complain too much about their algorithms, because they might just lower my score.

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